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Includes our warm, hydro-massage bath, ear cleaning, nails trimmed and dremeled, pads of feet trimmed, and sanitary trim.  We finish up with a fluff dry and a complete comb and brush out, then apply a fresh cologne and a colorful bandana or bow.  


Luxury bath prices start at $95. 


Includes the Luxury Bath package, PLUS a full-body haircut according to breed standards or your specifications as well as hand scissoring.  Carding and Hand Stripping are also available for certain breeds for an additional fee.   


Up to 20 pounds: $95-110.

21-50 pounds:  $100-130

51-75 pounds:  $130-175

76-100 pounds:  $150-250



Toothbrushing and breath freshener:  $10.00



All animals shed.  Of course different animals shed differently. Some short haired dogs can shed an amazing amount of hair, especially if they are "double coated" breeds with an undercoat. Some dogs, such as Poodles, hardly seem to shed at all when properly groomed. Twice a year or so, most animals go through thier seasonal shedding, and then the problems can get worse for a while. This is also known, among dogs, as "blowing the coat."  Deshedding treatments start at $30 and go up depending on breed, coat, and size.



If your pet has a flea or tick problem we carry on board a  once a month Frontline Plus Flea & Tick treatment.

$20. per pet




$105-200.  Please call for a price quote.  Cat prices vary depending on breed of cat, temperment, and type of groom.  



One of the first things that a puppy needs to learn besides where to go to the bathroom, is how to be groomed.  In order to make the grooming as pleasant as possible for your puppy, we orient him slowly so that he looks forward to his trip to the mobile spa, instead of being afraid of a new and strange experience.  Puppy grooming can be a slow but ultimately rewarding process for everyone.  Mostly, puppies just need to check things out so they can feel comfortable in new surroundings.  We allow extra time so they can sniff around and explore their new environment until they are confident they are in a safe place.  Taking time to cuddle them, and talking to them gently ("here are the clippers", "here is the brush", etc.) helps them feel more at ease.


Many a first time puppy grooming will just be a bath, a light trim of the face, feet, and tail, and nail clipping.  They will not look perfect, but it is far more important at this stage for them to have a pleasant experience than to get the ideal haircut.  A bad experience as a puppy can take a long time to overcome.  We offer special pricing for your puppy so that you can get him groomed as early and as often as possible initially.  Rates start at $95. and depend on breed and size.

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